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My Pet Sheepdog

I have a sheepdog named Xuanxuan. My father bought it for me as a present for my 10th birthday. I like it very much.
Xuanxuan has yellow and white fur. Four years ago, he weighed three kilograms, but now, he weighs about twenty kilograms. I can’t hold him in my hand because he is too heavy.
He can play games with me. Usually, I throw a stick, then he will go and retrieve it for me. We always have a good time.
Now, he is five years old. We can only meet at summer holiday and winter holiday. A dog usually can live up to ten years old. I will look after him until the end.

(0802班 林佳捷 指导老师 顾海燕)

If I could fly

  I would want to be a superman, and if I could fly, I’d help people in danger. If there would be a plane crash, I would fly to the plane and help it land safely. I'd be glad to do that because I think I could save many people’s lives.
  I like traveling so I would want to go to Hainan. In spite of the fact that I went there two years ago, I really would like to go there again, because I think it’s one of the most beautiful islands that I have ever seen. I would want to fly to Egypt as well to see the pyramids and discover their secrets.
  Of course, if I could fly, my life would become very easy. Every morning, I could get up late, because I would be able to fly to school like Monkey King. It would be fast and it would only take me five seconds. That would be cool.
  If I could fly, I’d be very excited and I would want to fly to every corner of the world.

(0803 施臻 指导老师 范萍)

The Interesting Things About Animals In Nature

  The outdoor world is full of secrets.
  As we all know, there is almost no water in a desert. But there are still many kinds of animals that can live there. Like camels, snakes and some insects, how do these animals get water and stay alive?
  In a desert, everything is dry and hot in the daytime, but it is cold at night. Plants usually have dew on them in the early morning. Small insects can drink the dew and some bigger animals eat the plants with dew on them or some small insects.
  Most big animals can’t survive in the desert because they need lots of water every day. They can’t keep the water in their bodies for a long time. But a camel is different. It can drink lots of water within a few minutes and then drink nothing for a week at least.
  There are so many animals living in water. Like dolphins, whales or sharks, they can swim as they like.
  There are lots of animals on the land, in the sky and even underground. How colourful nature is!

(0805班 施玘熳 指导老师 陆慧妮)

National Day

  National Day is coming! I’m very excited because we will have a long holiday. During the one week holiday we can play happily. I think everyone knows that October 1st is our National Day. We usually have a seven-day holiday. It’s different this year. This year’s national holiday has eight days. Why? Because this year is the 60th anniversary of our country.
  Here is my plan for my National Day. My mother and I will go shopping on a busy street. I plan to get up at 8:00 a.m. and go to the bus station with my mum. I guess there will be a lot of people on the street because many people will also like to go out during the holiday. Then I’ll watch the celebration of National Day at Tian’anmen Square on TV.
  I wish our country will become increasingly powerful and more prosperous in the future.

(0808班 蔡杨杨 指导老师 胡彩云)

National Day

  Some days ago was National Day. This year’s National Day was special and splendid, because our motherland became 60 years old. Everyone was excited to watch the National Parade in the morning and the evening party and fireworks display. They were wonderful. We could see on TV that the people at the parade were excited and those Chinese who watched it at home were excited, too. Hu Jingtao, the president of China, gave a speech on the podium at Tiananmen. All over China people were sleepless on that day. I’m glad my motherland is powerful.

(0809班 陈晨 指导老师 施洪灵)

Protecting Wild Animals

  Wild animals are important for us. The number of wild animals is getting smaller and smaller. Usually because of us people. If we continue to destroy forests to build roads, they will have no habitat to live in. We should discourage those bad ideas, maintain the forests.
  These days, there are more and more people who like to wear furs made of animal skin. They always think that the furs looks pretty on them. In fact, a lot of wild animals lose their lives because of it. What should we do? We should ask our parents or friends not to wear furs any more. If no one buys it, then wild animals will have higher chances to survive in the wild. Isn’t that a good thing?
  There are a lot of comfortable reserves for wild animals to live in. The workers in the reserves are very warm-hearted and friendly. They spend a lot of time taking good care of them. They are usually busy with work all day, so the wild animals have enough food and water every day. They do not worry about their lives. Look! The giant pandas are eating bamboo shoots and leaves. How lovely they are!
  Wild animals are our best friends. They are an important part of our environment. Why don’t we try our best to protect them? Let’s get moving!

(0811班 袁艺榕 指导老师 江玉芳)

Wild Animals

  Wild animals are our friends. My favourite animal is lion. They live in Africa. They can run fast and eat big animals like deer. I think many people like animals. Some people give food to homeless dogs and cats. That’s great.
  But some people still kill animals. They only think about their own interests.
  In Jilin Province, thousands of bears are caged. Owners use tubes to get bile from their bodies, which makes the bears are sick.
  In some place, hunters hurt giant pandas for their fur. Because people wear clothes made of their fur. The number of giant panda is getting smaller and smaller. We should take actions to protect wild animals at once.
  If we continue to kill animals, we will lose our friends. Without wild animals, what will our world look like?
  Some people don’t like wild animals. We should let them know wild animals are our friends. We should love animals as we love friends.
  Let’s get moving!

(0815班 丁洁 指导老师 倪俊杰)

I Like Reading

  I like reading, there are many famous writers’ books in my home. I always spend all my pocket money on books. When I have time, I usually read books. I like reading Lunxun’s works best, because I think his articles are very good and he is one of the most famous writers in China. During the summer holidays, I have had enough time to read books. When I start a book, I'd never put it down until I have finished reading it. My mother doesn’t like this, because when it’s time to have lunch, I’m usually still reading books. My mother says, I have two worlds, one is the real world and the other world is the world of books. I always advise my friends to read more books, because it is good for us to read good books. This is me---a boy crazy about reading.

(0820班 叶思究 指导老师 王能民)

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