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  Lily grew up in Singapore

王诗雯 原0611班 现在新加坡留学

  Lily's class is a very good class group, students were united, friendly , positiveand progressive, teachers teach well and hard to pay, I am rejoice to own such a good class in collective learning. 

  Now third-year graduate,lily's class's students have their own toward the dream of belonging to their own institutions, some students go to America ,and others go to Haimen  Middle School.because of my dream .In July ,I came to Singapore and I will be in this fertile ground for a new start through my hard work , will lily bloom in Singapore, more dazzling!
  The time goes like lightning , I have been in Singapore for nearly four monthes .I remember when the first week I?arrived here, did not understand anything, just like a greenhouse out of lily, without cruelty of tempering, the face of this unfamiliar country, strange color , not used to the exchange, but I remember as a lily ,as a student of Dongzhou middle school, as Chinese ,no matter what difficuities ,I should meet the danger calmly and try my best to prove myself .
  Study in Singapore is very different from china ,not only the language ,but also all the subjects include English and can't really understand what they say ,though you're not bad at English .
But when I really want to study better ,don't care the language ,I find that I can do because I have done my best to.
  In the class in singapore ,each class don't have many students up to 25, teachers and students is not very strict boundaries between each other and when you answer questions correctly , teacher will give you sweets and encourage you to be the best ,the classroom is random, not too many constraints, the door panel discussions on many subjects of time, teachers were also encouraged us to develop thinking,exercise creativity,In singapore ,they focuse on capacity-building.
  Every morning ,Singapore's all schools will have assembly and they believe Christianity so everytime have one person to pray ,everytime when I saw Singaporean look pious prayer,I moved by their piety,it's also very solemn.
  School finished earlier than in china and there are many groups of interest ,I take dance and calligraphy ,the purpose of start-up interest group focuses on all aspects of the ability to develop students,and there are also many competitions of these ,so first can train students ,second can encourage them to do their best ,I'm interested in it .
  Anglo-Chinese secondary school's teaching method is very special and recently the Teachers'Day also attracts many peoples eyes and the last school organization "Greese" is a very successful performance, rehearsals by the students themselves, arranged performances, and received a great response I take a lot of photos, found that certain aspects of foreign students the ability to do than we do, such as teamwork, organizational ability and thinking skills.
  Every term ,they have four terms a year,is differnet from china ,and each term last one month and the end of the term can see every student's results and the highest grade in Singapore is 7,I also try my best to receive the very highly commend result and I will persistent efforts, do the most fragrant lily,don't let teachers disappointed .
  This is my first time to foreign country by myself ,hope other students can come with me ,don't be afraid of the difficulties let we do our best together !

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