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                     WE ARE ONE PEOPLE – NOVEMBER 9TH, 1989  
                                                        By  Ines    

        China just celebrated it's 60th anniversary but the year 1989 has a different meaning for me. 1989, the year when the Berlin Wall fell. Reagon's “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall” was the starting point of many events that led to the reunification of Germany.

       After more than 28 years of German division, the Berlin Wall fell overnight from 9 - 10 November 1989, a historical event of global significance. Today, 20 years later, Germany, Europe and the whole world look back, in order to look forward. Thanks to the peaceful change and the Fall of the Wall, not only were millions of people united: Germany was, too. And the balance between East and West was reestablished.

      A lot of people asked me what life was before and during this eventful time but I always had to answer them that I was only 10 years old, a child, and all I remember about it is that the next day, my favourite teacher didn't come to class, she left to go to the West. I was too young to fully grasp the good and the bad of this time so I belong to the so called generation of “Fall of the Wall children”, growing up in two different Germanys, loosing the meaning of “home country” which is a very important word in German people's mind and there is no translation in English that even gets close to it's meaning.

    The re-united Germany is still young, it is still a teenager and therefor still hasn't found itself. Still after all this time, Germany is divided into West and East Germans. Maybe it will take another generation before people stop making this distinction and remember these words proclaimed at the marches in Leipzig, “WE ARE ONE PEOPLE”.

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